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Learn how CourtFunds can help your state, county, or municipality solve its most complex pay disbursement challenges.

With CourtFunds you will be able to...

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Alleviate the cost and admin burden of paper checks

for jury payments, restitution, child support, bonds, witnesses and more. Integrate seamlessly with accounting, court, and jury management systems.

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Augment understaffed, stretched-thin teams

Drastically reduce the volume of returned checks, customer services issues, unclaimed property and more.

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Increase juror and constituent satisfaction, engagement

Provide instant access to funds and offer a multitude of ways constituents can transfer money to another account or card.

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“The idea of converting from checks to a debit card system seemed a bit overwhelming and maybe just not worth the trouble. If we had any doubts about our conversion, those doubts took flight the next week.

Our checking account fell victim to fraudulent checks totaling thousands of dollars masterminded by a juror who had received a paper check from us prior to switching to CourtFunds! This wasn’t the first time we had dealt with this, but thankfully, with CourtFunds handling all transactions from now on, we won’t have to deal with it ever again.”

Clerk of Superior Court, Clayton County, GA